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4 min readDec 9, 2021

During the last week of November, SavePlanetEarth accomplished the milestone of introducing the world’s first-ever certified Carbon Credit NFTs (CCNFTs) on the Phantasma blockchain, out of which the first among a set of limited-edition collectibles ended up getting auctioned off for a GhostMarket record of 115BNB ($70,000).

Concurrently, SPE had also been on the precipice of bringing an eco-friendly spin on the cryptocurrency field’s blockchain angle. Thus, it has just recently unveiled its very own IDO platform — the SPEPad — for other crypto-based startups aiming to make an impact in the market.

For context, IDO is an abbreviation of “Initial DEX Offering” (the DEX stands for Decentralized Exchange) and is the lucrative model in the cryptocurrency market based on the approval of the market community and other like-minded traders. Ideally, it builds up and expands the legitimacy of the up-and-coming project’s coin or token through the public eye, without any third parties affecting its implementation.

With its conceptualization initially gaining traction since September, SPE intended to insert itself into this “green launchpad” as a guide operating in due diligence to ensure that the new entries have a proper use case and a good roadmap, as well as a fair launch and allocation of tokens. The entries will be vetted through multiple tiers, safeguarding the prevention of any instances of potential rug-pulling (having liquidity removed from a DEX liquidity pool) or scams.

Ultimately, SPE will be harnessing the community trust for these new coins/tokens to guarantee better performance and results, while expanding the SPEPad’s potential as an “ecosystem of green projects,” according to SPE Founder Imran Ali.

According to SPE, its ideal green blockchain “would be audited, partnered with trusted sources, powered by 100% sustainable energy, used primarily for SPE’s certified carbon credit ecosystems, and most importantly, backed by public trust.”

But what’s the difference between the blockchain of today and SPE’s proposed “green” version? In reality, when it comes to environmental awareness, even the standard blockchain technology has its drawbacks. Despite the concept of cryptocurrency itself being touted as an innovative yet eco-friendly route for the…

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